2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Him



It’s time for another Holiday Gift Guide and todays guide is completely focused around all of the men. When creating this guide, I did have Joshua in mind, but I think any guy would love some of these gifts.

  1. Nike Joggers: Joshua loves joggers/lounge pants. He loves to get home from work and just slip on some lounge pants and these are so comfortable.
  2. Apple Airpods: I have these and they are amazing! Yes, they are definitely a splurge for headphones but they are such a great investment. The battery life on them is great and the quality is even better. If your husband works out a lot or is on the phone a lot for work – I would highly recommend these. They will love them!
  3. Echo Spot: So the Echo Spot kind of works like the Echo Dot. We have 3 Echo Dots and love them. We use them every day – to set our alarms, turn on our light, play music, etc. With the Echo Spot you can do all of those same things along with asking Alexa to show you your baby monitors, front door cameras, etc. Sounds like a dream!
  4. Nespresso Machine: Another splurge item but if your guy loves coffee/espresso – I highly recommend this machine! I got this for Joshua last year for Christmas and we both use it all of the time. The functionality of it is amazing! Totally worth it.
  5. Lululemon Surge Shorts: My husband swears by these shorts! Another gift from last Christmas but he now owns 3 pairs of these shorts because he liked the first ones so much. He runs a lot and says they are the best for running or even working out. He couldn’t live without these things!
  6. Tile Keychain: This may be something he is getting this year for Christmas (hope you aren’t reading this hubby!) My friends and I have been talking about getting our husbands this for Christmas because we have heard great things. Joshua always loses/misplaces his keys. Sometimes they will be in his pants pocket from the day before, downstairs on the kitchen counter, by the garage door, or wherever! To completely avoid all of the time we spend looking for his keys I figured I would get the Tile keychain and see if it helps!
  7. Echelon Bike: I have talked about this before because we love it so much. We don’t currently own an Echelon Bike but we do have a stationary bike that we bought online and we use with the Echelon App. We love the classes! You can do on demand classes, live classes, and so much more! We used the actual Echelon bikes at a hotel gym when we were traveling and were so impressed.
  8. Fossil Money Clip: Another thing I swear by – Fossil wallets. I will typically get Joshua a wallet every 3-5 years and he loves them. They hold up so well and it is truly something he uses every single day.
  9. JCrew Walker Jacket: I don’t know how your husband, boyfriend, other guy in your life but mine hates buying himself clothes. And I love to shop for guys. I like to buy Joshua a nice winter jacket every year that he can wear. JCrew is always one of my first places to look. I love this jacket and they have a couple of different color options which is nice, too.
  10. Adidas Ultraboost Shoes: Another thing I love buying for guys – shoes! I never feel like a guy can have too many lifestyle shoes. These are a recent fav of mine 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide for Him! Let me know if you have any questions and what else you would add to this list!

M xo




2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Him


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