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You guys!!! Finally, a house update! If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that Joshua and I moved into our house a year ago! We call it our little Fixer Upper 🙂 It’s crazy that it’s already been a year. When we moved in, we immediately had the entire house painted, replaced all of the carpet, put tile down in our master bathroom, and painted all of the exposed brick. These were NECESSARY renovations and had to be done right when we moved in. So, we did them! And then I feel like we didn’t touch our house for an entire year! Haha! Of course we did small jobs here and there but we didn’t do any big renovations. House renovations take so much time and so much money so we had to take on one project at a time.

This summer, though, I knew I wanted to finally complete our master bedroom. The only thing we did in Master Bedroom when we moved in was get it painted, replace the fan, and replace the carpet. Besides that, we didn’t touch it! Our Master Bedroom was very blah for the first 10 months of us living in our new home and it drove. me. crazy!

I knew what I wanted our master to look like but it was hard finding the motivation to make it all come together. One night, while watching the Bachelor, my friend Chloe posted some photos from her recent trip to San Francisco. The minute I saw the photo I knew this was exactly what I was looking for for our master bedroom. It was gorgeous! It was somewhat neutral but had the pop of color I was looking for and it was taken in San Francisco which is one of my fav cities. Joshua and I got engaged in California and our engagement trip we visited San Fran so it definitely has a special meaning behind it.

PS: Chloe just opened up her print shop and her photographs are amazing! She shares all about it on her instagram.

Okay, now for the funny part! I got my canvas in and then didn’t touch the room for like 2 weeks. I loved the canvas but I still didn’t have a ton of inspiration/motivation to complete the entire look. This is when Alisha with Harbour Interiors came to the rescue. I told her my vision, sent her pictures of my space and told her I needed some help! I was an e-design client so basically Alisha came up with a design for my room, created a mood board, and then sent me links where I could purchase everything online. I mean….how easy is that?!?

Here’s the inspiration board Alisha sent me. This already helped me SO MUCH in the process of redoing our bedroom. I didn’t purchase all of these items but what I loved about this inspiration board was that I could look for similar items at local stores, thrift stores, or things I already had at home along the way! Alisha made this process so easy and truly helped my entire vision come to life! And the entire process was done through email which made it super convenient!

Now for the reveal of our room!

I am so happy with how everything turned out! Our bedroom now feels like a relaxing space that’s peaceful instead of a blank room that doesn’t feel like us! Just to preface, we already had our nightstands, dressers, bed, and shelf so this redesign was us mainly adding decorations, bedding, and extra elements to bring the space to life!

Chair | Gold Mirrors | Lamps | Blush Pillow Covers | Rug | Euro Pillow Shams | Black & White Pillow | Duvet | Gold Glass Shelf

I seriously could not completed our Master Bedroom without Alisha’s help! If you are struggling with designing your room or just need some inspiration check out Harbour Interiors! You will NOT be disappointed!

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Master Bedroom Reveal | Harbour Interiors


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