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A couple of months ago I decided to look into Botox treatments. I’m a couple years shy of being 30 and just this year I started to notice REALLY terrible forehead lines and “11s” – you know those lines you get in between your eyebrows. When I was at the beach this summer, it was very noticeable. My normal/resting face is usually when I am concentrating and I squint my eyes/eyebrows so I was getting NOTICEABLE tan lines on my forehead and in between my brows. I talked to my esthetician about it and decided it may be good for me to get botox as a preventative measure. I am pretty particular about who touches my face and wanted to make sure I was going to a reputable place. I did tons of research and finally decided on Aesthetic Essentials of Augusta. I saw Becca and she was absolutely amazing!

I had tons of questions during my consult and Becca was so sweet and answered all of them. She has tons of experience and is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to botox, fillers, etc. I have spent the last 4 years nailing down a good skincare regimen and have been working towards feeling more comfortable without makeup on. I explained to Becca that I didn’t want anything too crazy but really just wanted to decrease the appearance of lines on my forehead/brows. Becca completely understood and suggested that I treat my forehead, outer eyes (crows feet), and my 11’s.

The Process:

First, Becca used a marker to mark where she will make her injections. She then applied a numbing cream to the treatment areas and I sat for about 10 minutes (this was the longest part of the process.) I wasn’t scared to get Botox but I was a little bit nervous about what to expect, how it would feel, etc, but Becca made me feel completely comfortable. She allows you to hold a “stress ball” to squeeze during the treatment if need be. She then injects the Botox into your skin. While she does the injections she also uses this vibrating tool on your skin that distracts the other muscles while the process is happening. It was very cool! The entire “injecting” process lasted 3-5 minutes and was completely painless. You will feel a tiny pinch but nothing terrible. I was in and out of the office within 15-20 minutes and that included my consult!

The Downtime:

Before I got the treatment done, I asked Becca if there was any downtime and she explained that it’s different for every person. Some people can swell/bruise more than others but it’s usually very minimal. She did mention that I may have a dull headache in my forehead for the next couple of days depending upon how my muscles react. This is the only main thing I noticed and it wasn’t even bad. I got my treatment done early in the AM, came back home and worked, and continued on my day like normal. And I feel like I maybe only noticed the dull headache because she mentioned it. LOL. I had a very small amount of redness for the next day but I barely noticed it.

The Details:

The investment for botox is based on units and the amount of units you get is based on what your NP recommends. Normal prices per unit can range from $9-$22 a unit. Becca at Aesthetic Essentials of Augusta charges $10 per unit. I got 38 units on my forehead, crows feet, and between my brows during my first initial visit. I went back 2 weeks later so that Becca could see how the Botox did and she decided to do a couple of more units in my upper forehead. Because Becca is absolutely amazing, if you go and see her and tell her I sent you, you will get $50 OFF your entire Botox Treatment!

The Results:

You guys I have never noticed something so drastic in all of my life. My face wasn’t wrinkle/line free after one day but I couldn’t believe that I could VISIBLY see changes after 1-2 days. Becca mentioned that it would take a full two weeks for Botox to settle in but I could start seeing results in about 1-2 days. I was a little skeptical at first but here are some pictures to prove it!

Left Picture: 1 day after treatment | Right Picture: 1 week after treatment

2 weeks after treatment

6 weeks after treatment

I am telling you guys, the results after just 1 round of botox was and IS STILL crazy to me!

For all of my loyal readers I am so glad you read all the way to the bottom because I am teaming up with Botox Becca to give away 1 WINNER FREE BOTOX FOR THE YEAR! You can read this instagram post on how to enter!



Botox Review: Botox Becca – Aesthetic Essentials of Augusta


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