Our Kitchen Remodel Series: Cornerstone Granite Co + Reclaimed Grace Cabinets



Our last and final blog post on our kitchen remodel series! And both of these components truly made the kitchen! They completely changed the look of everything!

The very first thing we started with for the kitchen renovation process was renovating the cabinets. Thankfully, before we moved into our home our kitchen was renovated in 2010. Our cabinets were custom made and still in VERY good condition so I knew that I wouldn’t need to install brand new cabinets…just give them a refresh! I knew immediately that I wanted to go with white cabinets but I did want to make a statement with the color of the island. We ended up going with “White Dove” for the cabinets and “Hematite” by Benjamin Moore and I am so glad we did!

We used a local company, Reclaimed Grace, to refinish our cabinets. I debated on whether I wanted to do this myself. I watched so many youtube videos and was originally thinking of doing it myself, but I decided to hire this project out and I am so glad I did! After seeing Shannon and her team come in and just prep my cabinets – I was already sold on the investment. The only thing I had to do was get everything out of cabinets. And then they did all of the hard work which was so nice! They took off all of the hardware and removed the cabinet faces to take them to their shop to refinish. Then they came back about a week later to start the renovation on the framing of the cabinets. They let everything completely dry before replacing the cabinet drawers and hardware. All in all, the process took about 2 weeks. I timed the cabinet renovation perfectly so that everything was done while we were out of town which was amazing! It was like we came home to a brand new kitchen. I would highly recommend hiring a company to refinish your cabinets! It takes so much stress off of you and you have peace of mind knowing everything will turn out looking amazing. And if you are local, contact Reclaimed Grace. They are fabulous to work with!

Now to talk about the island. If you remember, we originally had an island with a raised bar. But for the renovation we wanted to cut down the bar and make the island all one level. Here are some pictures:

You can already see how opened up the kitchen looks just from cutting down the bar! They also extended the bar to allow for more island space – MY FAV!

We worked with another local company, Cornerstone Granite Co, on the construction on the island and the install of the countertops. Picking out the countertops was very easy for me. I knew all along that I would most likely have to go with a Quartz to get the color I wanted. I wanted something white (obviously) but to have some sort of detail in it. I decided upon “Chantilly” by Hanstone Quartz. It has a darker veining to it and I liked the variation in it. It was different than all-white but still white 🙂

Cornerstone Granite was amazing to work with! They took out our old countertops, sink, and faucet and installed the new countertops, and new sink! And as mentioned earlier, they also did the construction on the island. The process was QUICK and EASY! I would highly recommend them!

That’s all for the kitchen renovation series! Our kitchen looks amazing and I couldn’t have done it without the help of all of the amazing companies we worked with! Renovating our kitchen completely changed the entire look of our house and I am so happy with how everything turned out!

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Our Kitchen Remodel Series: Cornerstone Granite Co + Reclaimed Grace Cabinets


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