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We did a mini refresh to our front porch! And I honestly wasn’t into trying to transition my porch from winter to spring to summer so I went into super spring/summer mode right off the bat! And I am HERE FOR IT! I love the bright tones!

But my favorite part of the refresh was our new deadbolt that we got. Say hello to our beautiful SMART deadbolt from Kwikset! We have people coming into our home all of the time – friends, family, contractors, dog sitters, cleaners, etc and we always had to remember to leave a key out or put a lock box on the door. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me in the past year if we are selling our house because of the lockbox! So embarrassing! Well, now we don’t have that problem thanks to our Kwikset deadbolt. Our front door can now be unlocked with a custom passcode or through the Kwikset app on our phone. SO CONVENIENT! We should have made the switch a long time ago!

Our lock is called the Halo Touchscreen Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Lock and we have it paired with the Camino Handleset to finish off the exterior portion of the door. Our previous doorknob was silver and over 20 years old so we knew that we wanted to go with something a little more up to date. We went with matte black and it’s so pretty! Plus we are planning on re-doing all of the locks and doors in the interior of our home the same color so it will look great together!

For the install, we really lucked out! We didn’t have to do any additional drilling, extra steps, or anything like that due to the size of our previous door knob. Everything fit perfectly. And Kwikset has tutorials on their website to walk you through the install process which made everything a lot easier for us (I mean Joshua 😉 because we know that I only assisted with the install.)

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your deadbolt, doorknob, etc you need to check out Kwikset! Their customer service is amazing and they have an endless amount of options for whatever your style is!

I love the way everything turned out with our front porch refresh! It’s amazing how switching out a few items can change the entire look of your front porch. And in my opinion, your front porch can say so much about your entire house! It’s the first thing people see when they enter through your front door!

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Front Porch Refresh | Kwikset Smart Deadbolt


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