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I’ve had this vision for our Sunroom ever since we moved into our house a little over a year ago and now it has finally come to past! And it’s our favorite room in our house! It’s the perfect place to have quiet time in the mornings, relax at the end of a long work day, and take a nap on a Sunday afternoon. We love it!

You guys know I love a good vision board so I knew when we were thinking about renovating this room I had to create a vision board for the project.

Once you see the after pictures you can see I changed some elements during the design process but overall I LOVE the way everything turned out!

We partnered with Home Reserve, a company that provides sectionals with built in storage and washable fabrics. They are perfect for family and pet living! YAY! We knew that we wanted our sunroom to almost be a separate living space so we decided to go with the Laney Couch, Laney Loveseat, and two Laney Chair & Halfs. We wanted to fill this room with lots of room for friends and family!

When purchasing furniture through Home Reserve you can make it customizable for your home and dimensions. It’s perfect when needing furniture for a small living space! Every order is custom made and our order took about 2-3 weeks to reach our doorstep! Look at all of the boxes!

Our poor delivery driver! And I was out of town when everything arrived so Joshua had the opportunity of carrying everything in himself…oops! As for putting together the furniture, it was pretty easy! Once we did one piece it didn’t take us much time to put the rest of the pieces together! Joshua was a big help and I honestly couldn’t have done it without him!

One thing I love about the furniture from Home Reserve is that each piece has a little compartment underneath the cushion for storage. I’ve been placing board games, blankets, etc in ours and it’s such an easy way to organize those items!

Here’s a few pictures of the finished product! I am so happy with the finishes of each piece of furniture came out! For the loveseat and sofa, we did the Cantina Peanut cover. And for our chair and halfs we did the Maltese Silver Gray cover. I love how both of the colors compliment each other!

I think my favorite thing about this furniture is the durability of it! Home Reserve takes pride in creating products that are family and pet friendly! Our Cantina Peanut slipcovers are like a leather material and have never gotten scratched by Mayer! Mayer loves to sit on the leather couches because they are cool on his body and I was so surprised with how well they have held up with his crazy, puppy self!

For the rest of the sunroom, we added a couple of other features that we love:

We are so happy with how our sunroom renovation turned out! We would highly recommend Home Reserve and Kichler Lighting for your next renovation project. As I said earlier it’s one of our favorite rooms in the house and I am so glad we completed the project just in time for the Spring!

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Sunroom Renovation | Partnership with Home Reserve & Kichler Lighting


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