Revamping the Hardware in Home | Partnership with Baldwin Hardware



As you guys know we live in a 40 year old home that needed some major renovating when we moved in. Thankfully, our downstairs level was semi-renovated when we moved in but for the most part everything else in the house is about 40+ years old and that includes all of our hardware on our interior and exterior doors.

When Baldwin reached out to me about a potential partnership, I was so excited! I have been a huge fan of Baldwin’s products for quite some time and I just loved how sleek and modern their products looked.

Whenever I got pregnant, I wanted to tackle some small house renovations throughout the pregnancy that didn’t require a lot of effort so we decided to tackle changing the hardware on all of our doors. We have about 15-20 interior doors in our home so I was so excited about how changing the hardware was going to change the look and value of our entire home!

We ended up going with the Contemporary Reserve Knobs in Black and man are these things gorgeous! They are super heavy and durable and look so good in our home! Baldwin’s products are super easy to install — Joshua installed 90% of the knobs in our home and I actually even had my 14 year old brother install some of the other ones!

We love how this small but mighty renovation turned out! It completely changes the look of entire house. If you are looking to revamp the hardware in your home, check out Baldwin! You will not be disappointed!



Revamping the Hardware in Home | Partnership with Baldwin Hardware


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