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We did a mini refresh to our front porch! And I honestly wasn’t into trying to transition my porch from winter to spring to summer so I went into super spring/summer mode right off the bat! And I am HERE FOR IT! I love the bright tones! But my favorite part of the refresh was our […]

Our last and final blog post on our kitchen remodel series! And both of these components truly made the kitchen! They completely changed the look of everything! The very first thing we started with for the kitchen renovation process was renovating the cabinets. Thankfully, before we moved into our home our kitchen was renovated in […]

I am so excited to reveal more of our Kitchen! On todays post we are talking all things backsplash and hardware! When I was creating the mood board for our kitchen I knew that I wanted to have gold hardware. I wanted the hardware to stand out and be different. I found these GORGEOUS champagne […]

Happy Holidays! This time of the year is so special to me and I am getting so excited about all of the festivities to come. I hope you are as well! Although the holidays are a very joyful and exciting time, they can also bring quite a bit of stress with them. This year, I […]

YOU GUYS! Probably my most favorite blog post to date! If you have been following me for awhile then you know that I wanted to renovate our kitchen when we moved in. If I am being honest, it wasn’t something we could afford or had the time to do once we moved in. So we […]

A couple of weeks ago, Joshua and I decided to take a trip to Charlotte for a weekend getaway. Charlotte isn’t too far from us and it’s the perfect place for a weekend trip! The guys had a golf tournament so us girls decided we ought to make use of the trip to Charlotte and […]

A couple of months ago I decided to look into Botox treatments. I’m a couple years shy of being 30 and just this year I started to notice REALLY terrible forehead lines and “11s” – you know those lines you get in between your eyebrows. When I was at the beach this summer, it was […]

You guys!!! Finally, a house update! If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that Joshua and I moved into our house a year ago! We call it our little Fixer Upper 🙂 It’s crazy that it’s already been a year. When we moved in, we immediately had the entire house painted, replaced all […]

This blog post has been a long awaited one but I wanted to wait until several months after my brows had fully healed before I released it. Today, we are talking all about microblading. Why I chose microblading, who I went to, what I like/don’t like, etc. The backstory of my brows: Listen up, ladies. […]

The house is slowly but surely starting to come together. As you know, Joshua and I moved into our fixer upper about 6 months ago (crazy that it has been that long!) and every month we try and tackle a new project with the house. This month, we wanted to finish up the dining room. […]

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